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With all the craziness going on, I am spending all of my time working from home, cooking, cleaning and spending time with my family and a *few* close friends, because we are following social distancing! Now is the time for me to refresh myself on all the card and board games I love to play. A few lately are gin, backgammon, and Rummikub. The truth is I really am a big homebody but it feels a little different when you’re told you can’t do the things you’re used to doing out of the house, but it is definitely the right thing to do! This extra time at home has reminded me what a difference comfy and cute loungewear has on me. So, as I am online shopping from home, I am ordering a few new sets that I want to lounge around in! See above what I am ordering! These would also make a great little gift idea to brighten up someone’s day during this time.

How are you staying busy + sane at home?! XO

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