Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Him!

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for HIM! I love picking out gifts for guys, although sometimes it can be hard to think of the perfect gift. Charles and I don’t exchange gifts every Valentine’s day, but this year I am already missing Christmas and my birthday is so far away! So, we thought it’d be fun to get a little gift we didn’t want to buy ourselves. Charles mentioned that he has been wanting a new golf bag and I found this one and love it. I did some research to find what golf bags are the best and this was at the top! With the warmer weather the past few days, I am dreaming of a vacation. I included a pink linen shirt and swimsuit by one of my favorite men’s brands. Charles wears these swimsuits and loves them. If they have a lot of swimsuits, get him these waterproof Swim loafers that are perfect for the pool or beach (no flip-flops). In my opinion, Valentine’s day gifts don’t need to be huge gifts, just something thoughtful the person would love. I included even some fun bitters flavors for the guy who loves to create his own cocktails. Any of these gifts would be a great gift idea for him!

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