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Happy Valentine’s Day! One of the many reasons I love Valentine’s day is because of the LOVE that everyone shows. We should be spreading the LOVE to each person we see, not just in February, but every day. I like to start the year off right by reminding those closest to me just how much they’ve affected me.

This holiday is filled with heart-shaped everything and it makes me so happy! What’s not to love about an entire day dedicated to, well, love? I just can’t get enough of all the pink and red. Valentine’s is really more of an opportunity for me to treat the special gals in my life! Although some see this as super cheesy, it’s all for fun.

Tonight, I am spending the evening with some of my favorite couples! I don’t usually go out on Valentine’s, but thought it’d be fun to spend it with the many friends I LOVE!

How do you spend Valentine’s Day? Shop below for some more fun + festive goodies for yourself.

XOXO, Tori

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