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Since we are spending so much time at home right now, I thought I would share the products I use on a daily basis. I really don’t use too many products, so this is much more than I used to use (mainly because I am very lazy and minimal with skincare products and makeup).

My previous products consisted of a few things, two being drugstore facewash by Clean & Clear (I still use this) and Cetaphil body cream (not lotion) for my face. I like the consistency much better – it’s thicker, oil-free, and I swear it clears breakouts overnight. I have started to incorporate Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate and ultra cream at night and have noticed brighter skin the next morning. The cream is also lighter for these warmer months.

For spot treatment, I have not changed a thing since my dermatologist recommended these products to me in middle school: Mario Badescu drying lotion for spot treatment and Peter Thomas Roth acne gel. I have tried many other products of my friends and haven’t found anything that works better than these do! I go to sleep every night looking like I have war paint on.

Lastly, if you leave here wanting to try one product only try the Elta MD tinted moisturizer with SPF. This makes your skin GLOW! I use this daily and apply under eye concealer and that’s it! I am rarely using any face makeup since I started using this. Also, for a glamorous and affordable treat, buy the Pixi eyepatches! I found these via Kathleen Jennings Beauty (my new obsession) and I love wearing these in the mornings.

This post is longer than usual, so if you made it this far – thank you! XO

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