My Trader Joe’s Shopping List

Trader Joe’s is a part of my weekly routine. I love getting fresh produce from here and there are so many staples that I depend on. My friends and I are always sharing our latest TJ finds and I thought it’d be fun to share a few of my favorite items. There are so many items to choose from, so I’m going to divide it up into categories for how I shop. I shop for the following occasions: weekday lunch and dinner and then I shop for appetizers, date nights and wine nights!

For my weekday lunches, I keep it very simple. I like a lot of flavor in my healthy options for lunch and my go-to are these chicken lime burgers from the frozen section. They are even healthier for you than turkey burgers and taste so much better! I like to eat these with a little shredded cheese on top and dip it in TJ’s siracha ranch. I usually add a small side salad with arugula or spring mix with a vinaigrette. Also, a fourth of avocado and everything but the bagel seasoning is the perfect side.

For weeknight dinners I am usually cooking with my roommates and Charles. Cooking is never as fun when you don’t have people to share it with! We have gotten into a routine and I love to try new recipes out at home with them. Danielle is my sous chef and follows me around the kitchen saying YES CHEF (lol). Once a week I like to roast a whole chicken. I grew up having this at home at least once a week and it is so much easier than it looks. Alexi uses Ina Garten’s recipe with lemons and onions and now I add those to mine too. An easy 15 minute meal is taco salad. I brown ground turkey, add taco seasoning and serve it over romaine with all the fix-ins on the side. Another great and easy recipe (under 30 minutes) is chicken milanese. The Hubbard’s call this ‘Tori’s chicken’, it is a hit in all households. I pan fry chicken cutlets and serve a vinaigrette tossed arugula salad right on top. So refreshing and easy.

I have a few appetizers that are so yummy. First, is burrata and tomatoes. I love buratta so much more than mozzarella. My favorite tomatoes in the world are heirloom and Trader Joe’s has a great selection! You can serve this over a warm baguette for guests or eat it as is. Add some basil, salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic vinegar and you are set. My other favorite appetizer is artichokes that I dip in TJ”s greek goddess dressing. It tastes identical to Dive’s tahini sauce they serve and is the perfect dipping sauce. I boil and then grill my artichokes and add a squeeze of lemon.


For date night or wine night, Trader Joe’s has the best lamb chops. The rack of lamb comes frenched and is the perfect serving for two. These make the perfect date night dinner. I buy them and slice them before grilling. I like to serve with a greek salad.

I always like to have a little something sweet. Stephanie has the biggest sweet tooth in our house and has turned me on to cookie butter ice cream, turbinado dark chocolate covered almonds, dark chocolate peanut butter cups, and chocolate covered bananas all from Trader Joe’s! SO yummy.

I hope this list inspires you to try a new recipe next time you’re at Trader Joes! P.S. Be sure to shop their very beautiful and affordable flowers! XO

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