My Sister’s Birthday!

Today is my sister Alexi’s birthday! YAY. This birthday definitely looks different than most due to our new normal of social distancing, but it will be one we always remember. She laughs at how excited I am to celebrate her today, but it’s probably because I’ve needed something to look forward to during this time at home (and because she’s my big sister). As usual, she didn’t compile too much of a wish list, but I do know these items above are what would bring her joy and the most use right now. We currently are spending all of our time together playing games, baking, cooking, making cocktails and lounging in our PJ’s. This birthday gift guide includes everything to enhance our home experience.

The things I admire most about Alexi are her taste and wittiness. 🙂 Happy Birthday! We are celebrating tonight with margaritas + takeout + cake! XO

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