Gift Guide for Her!

This gift guide is for me, you, & HER! This is the gift guide that includes that one special gift on your wishlist. AKA saving the best for last, as my mom says. We laugh every year because there is always one gift under the tree she just won’t let us open until everything else that morning has been opened. This is the finale that always takes our breath away!! While the meaning of Christmas is not about presents, I know how happy this makes my mom (and we are so grateful!) I would definitely say her love language is gift-giving (this is mine too). I love showing someone just how much I care about them by putting in a lot of thought to get them something they will love, but wouldn’t buy for themselves. She knows what we like and need even more than we do. We are lucky to have such a chic MAMA.  It’s so rewarding seeing that special someone’s face light up with the ‘how did you know’ look!

I love everything on this gift guide so much and if I were to calculate the cost per wear, I know each item is worth the price. I do this thing in my head where I have an idea of something I know I would love and look at things that are ‘similar for less’. I check them out, but it never is the same and eventually give in to the splurge. If I could just have one thing over a couple of smaller things that equal that one item, I am holding out for it. Quality over quantity is real for me.

Even if you’re just browsing at these luxe items, happy shopping and happy holidays! XO

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