Favorite Christmas Ornaments!

Christmas ornaments are something that I love and are so special in my family because we have been collecting them over the past 25 years. My family’s tree resembles us exactly and every time I look at a certain one, I flash back to the moment we got it and why. It may seem silly and some may decorate their tree with ornaments all from the same year (you have to start somewhere) but I believe they should represent you to celebrate the holidays. 

The hotdog ornament is so me and my mom because we literally crave stadium hotdogs! My dad loves the classic and beautiful Santa’s and these make up our tree. Anything sweet tooth like the donuts and ice cream are all my dad and sister. There are always some that my parents love, that my sister and I don’t and we sneak them onto the back part of our tree (lol). My roommates and I have a white tree this year and are so excited to decorate it in every color possible!! The girlier and sparklier, the better.

Above, I linked some of my classic favorite holiday ornaments that would be a great addition to your tree this year or to give to someone as a gift for theirs!

What is your favorite tree ornament? XO

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