Effortless Jackets

Dallas weather is so up and down these days! Last weekend it was 75 and sunny and this weekend it is cold and rainy. Something that easily gets me through these hot and cold times and honestly year round, is an effortless jacket. You can add a jacket over anything and look pulled together. Over the past few months I have added a few fabulous and effortless jackets to my closet that I highly recommend. I wear these over dresses, with jeans and a tee and even over my pajamas to run a quick errand. My sister and I were shopping the day after Christmas and we both had to have these two Veronica Beard jackets. They are both on sale and we’re obsessed! This denim jacket is so glam and this herringbone jacket with fur cuffs was a MUST! There are a few things Alexi and I like to share, but we both needed our own of each of these.

I linked above all of my favorite effortless jackets right now, and so many are on sale! If you’re thinking winter is almost over and you won’t need these, think again. Many of these are lightweight and you’ll surprise yourself with how much use you can get out of a good jacket. XO


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