Bachelorette Party!

While still on the bachelorette theme, I wanted to share a little more about last weekend in Vegas! It was so fun and everyone looked and is sooo cute. I love my friends and the quality time we get to spend together while all meeting from everywhere in Vegas was just what I needed!! We had girls + Garret flying in from New York, LA, Dallas, Austin, and Houston! We squeezed just about everything you can into our 3-day weekend and I am still recovering.

The trip started with welcome bags in all of our hotel rooms! Included were these pink heart sunglasses, slippers, pink sarongs, custom nightgowns, Advil and our cute watercolor itinerary. I love matching so these were the perfect welcome gifts. 

My favorite day time activity was our pool party cabana! This was soooo fun and we had the best and wildest time. The sunglasses were perfect for this day! Everyone’s swimsuits were so cute, I am linking it here! 

Our nights out consisted of lots of fun mini dresses in all colors! We had sequins, slip dresses, tie-dye, feathers, fringe, etc. I love that anything goes in Vegas.

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